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Hachioji International Festival 2015 was a great success.

We participated in No. 36 Hachioji Icho Festival. “International awareness, exchange with people of the world”

Sekai no hito to fureai time   Story of Kingdom of Bhutan

2015FY ‘Japanese Language Volunteer   Step Up Course’  was executed

Job hunting seminar for international students

Company tour for international students

Introduction of answers to questionnaire by participants

For parents and children whose mother languages are not Japanese

  Guidance in multi-language to enter Senior High School was held

Participated in disaster prevention drill at Bessho neighborhood association

Guidance of events from now on Language Volunteer Meeting in Spanish language

Introduction Corner of Group Members ③ Tokyo Hachioji Takao Lions Club

Activities Schedule(January-February, 2016)

News Letters from Support Desk

Information Medical Consultation

Report on No. of members (as of October 1 2015)

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