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Special issue: “Omotenashi” for 2020 Tokyo Olympics・Paralympics

 Learning with joy International Awareness Lecture

   You can understand Japan if you know other culture

 Hachioji Multicultural Symbiosis Forum

 Community Group Training Course   ~class to learn how to wear kimono~

 Free Professional Consultation for foreigners

 Ryugakusei Hachioji Furusato Program

 For teachers International Awareness Education Workshop

 Introduction Corner of Group Members : Endo Studio

 Sekai no hito to fureai time : Story of Republic of Azerbaijan

 Home page will be renewed! Address: http://hia855.com/

 Activities Schedule(March-April, 2015)

News Letters from Support Desk

 Information  Medical Consultation

 Report on No. of members(as of Feb. 1, 2015)