vol-50_1 vol-50_%ef%bc%92 vol-50_3 vol-50_4 vol-50_5 vol-50_6 vol-50_%ef%bc%97 vol-50_%ef%bc%98News Letter no.50 memorial issue We thank you for members’ cooperation!

Feature Article:

Civic power displayedHachioji International Festival 2016

~Concentration of civic volunteers made the Festival ended in great success~

Activities held ♪♪♪

Visited Ishikawa sake brewing Sun. July 24

Summer Teachers’ Power Up Training Wed. July 27

Summer Teachers Training -experience mainly on learning support-

Working experience by junior high school students 3days Wed. Sept. 7 ~ Fri. Sept. 9

Training and Meeting for Members  Sat. Aug. 20 

The 1oth Medical Interpreter Volunteer Seminar Sun. Sept. 4

1st Language Volunteer Training  Sat. Sept. 17

Activities report by Committee for Disaster Prevention/Correspondence

4 neighborhood association  Joint Disaster Prevention Drill  Sun. Aug. 28

Yui District Union Disaster Prevention Drill  Sat. Sept. 24

Disaster Prevention Drill at International Festival Sun. Oct. 2

Guidance for activities to come

  The 3rd Language Volunteer Training

  Hachioji Icho Festival   ‘International Corner’

  Job Hunting Support Seminar for International Students      

   date & time: Sat. Nov. 26, 2016 10:00~16:30

 Company Tour for Job Hunting of International Student      

   date & time: Wed. Dec. 7, 2016 9:30~16:30

 Sekai no hito to fureai time Story of Russian Federation’

  date & time: Sun. Dec. 11 13:30~15:30

Sekai no hito to fureai time Story of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  Date: Sun. Sept. 11, 2016

Introduction Corner of Supporting Group Members sequel

  Corporation KNI Kitahara International Hospital’.

Report on Directors’ Meeting

Activities Schedule(Nobember-December, 2016)

News Letters from Support Desk

Information Medical Consultation

Report on No. of members (as of Octerber.1 2016)