Activities of language volunteers or medical (interpretation/translation) volunteers who work in the background.

   Language Volunteer Project Committee

   Me dical Volunteer Committee

4th Support Desk Language Volunteer Training

Free Professional Consultation for foreign Residents

Nicchu Yuko Kyokai Hachioji Branch participating in Party for cerebrating Spring Festival

Medical Interpreter Volunteer Lecture

Community Support : Visiting Isonuma Milk Farm “Experience of milking”

Alumni Association Meeting for Foreigners Omotenashi Volunteer Training

Hachioji Foreigners Language Volunteer English Exchange Meeting

International Understanding Education Cooperation for school class

Japanese Language Volunteer Training Course「2nd step up training course」

Report on foreigners support activities using [Chikyu Simin Plaza Conference Room] for 2017FY

Visiting record to neighboring International Exchange Association

 We visited Tama City International Center

No. 86 Sekaino hito to fureai time : Commonwealth of Australia

Communication with people of the world「Easy Japanese Language」 Lecture

Otosan okaerinasai Party

Visiting Supporting Group Member : Tokyo Hachioji Minami Rotary Club

Report on Directors’ Meeting

Activities Schedule(May.-June. 2018)

News Letters from Support Desk

Information Medical Consultation

Report on No. of members (as of  April.1 2018)

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