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Special issue: International Students Hachioji Furusato program Autumn Event Hiking Meeting

 International Awareness Lecture for citizens “History of immigrants and multicultural symbiosis”

 Notice : International Awareness Lecture learning with joy!

 Hachioji International Festival 2014   Hachioji Icho Festival

 Introduction Corner of Group Members :   Asia Seinen Kai  Asia Youth Committee

Disaster Prevention Drill : Katakuradai Residents’ Association, Kitano Neighborhood Association

Hachioji City General Disaster Prevention Drill

Employment Support Seminar for International Students, Industry Tour for International Students

Sekai no hito to fureai time : Story of Myanmar

Language Series for International Awareness,  Language Series for International Awareness

 Medical Interpretation Volunteer Training Course

 Free Professional Consultation for Foreign Residents Training Course

 Support Desk, Report of Directors Meeting(Dec. 2014),   Activities Schedule (Jan. – Feb.2015)

 Information  [ Medical Consultation ]

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