Feature Article

Together with children supporting our future!

Aiming at realization of multicultural society

 Education for International Understanding Committee

~Together with children relating to foreign countries~

  Learning Support Committee

Facebook Community Group Event  Year-End Party ~Let’s enjoy magic~

 Language Volunteer Meeting for Spanish

 Please take part in our Committee Activities!

Disaster Prevention Drill at Civic Centers

Result of application for training course of Foreigners Omotenashi Language Volunteer

Omotenashi Course] for Foreigners Omotenashi Language Volunteer Training Course was held.

 Directors of Hino International Exchange Association visited our Association

Guidance for our future activities

Introduction Corner of Group Members  ④   Tokyo Hachioji Minami Rotary Club

Report on Directors’ Meeting

Activities Schedule(March-April, 2016)

News Letters from Support Desk

Information Medical Consultation

Report on No. of members (as of Feb.1 2016)

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