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Introduction of activities held in Hachioji International Association

 Plaza Meeting Room

Various activities such as support and exchange for foreigners are held every day 5,877 volunteers and 4,940 foreigners used this meeting room last year.

Activities for supporting foreigners by Group Members

Guidance for future events

Hachioji International Festival 2016

Volunteer Support works for Hachioji International Festival 2016

For parents and children whose mother languages are not Japanese

Guidance for entrance to senior high school in multi-language

Events already held ♪♪♪

Hideyo Noguchi of Hachioji Do you know ‘Nobutsugu Koenuma

Japanese Language Volunteer Basic Lecture

Communication with people in the world



‘Easy Japanese Language’ (Yasashii Nihongo) Lecture 

Foreigners Omotenashi Language Volunteer After attending ‘Omotenashi Lecture’

Foreigners Omotenashi Language Volunteer – Set course –

Sekai no hito to fureai time

Story of Republic of Colombia República de Colombia

Report on Directors’ Meeting


Activities Schedule(September-October, 2016)

News Letters from Support Desk

Information Medical Consultation

Report on No. of members (as of August.1 2016)