Feature Article:Chief Director History of “Travel toward International Understanding

Foreigners Omotenashi Language Volunteers Training Course organized

The 4th Language Volunteer Training  [Japanese Language Learning Support in Hachioji

Hachioji International Friendship Club(HIFC) participating in the New Year Party

Meeting of participants for Foreigners Omotenashi Language Volunteer Training Course

Nicchu Yuko Kyokai Hachioji Branch participating in the meeting for celebrating Spring Festival

Disaster Prevention Drill for foreigners in mosque in Hachioji

Medical Volunteer Training Course ‘Obstetrics and Gynecology’

Guide of events from now on

News Letter on Group Members’ activities

  CCS Club of Children and Students Working Together Multicultural Society

Story of Russian Federation

Report on Directors’ Meeting

Activities Schedule(March-April, 2017)

News Letters from Support Desk

Information Medical Consultation

Report on No. of members (as of Febuary.1 2017)

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