Best wishes for a happy new year

Reviewing Hachioji International Festival 2017

Alumni Association Meeting for Foreigners Omotenashi Volunteer Training

Guidance for entrance to senior high school in multi-language

Participating in [Japanese Language Speech Contest] organized by “Hachioji Nihongo no kai”

Participating in Japanese Laguage Volunteer Step Up Lecture

Participating in [10 years Anniversary Memorial Speech Contest]  by Asia Youth Community

Medical Volunteer Training Course

Participating in No.38 Hachioji Icho Festival

Participating in joint disaster prevention drill of Mejirodai Ichome/4chome Neighborhood Association

Support seminar for Job hunting for International Student s

2nd Training for Language Volunteer (English)

Support for international students for job-hunting & visiting companies

News Letter on Group Members’ ActivitiesEndo Stadium

Activities Schedule(Jan.-Feb. 2018)

News Letters from Support Desk

Information Medical Consultation

Report on No. of members (as of  Jan.1 2018)

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