English_Hachiouji International Association Activities 八王子国際協会の活動

Hachioji International Association (HIA)

  Hachioji International Association (HIA) now fulfills Communication Support, International Awareness , Interpretational Exchange Projects and Entrusted Project from Hachioji City such as consultation for foreigners . Most of projects are planned and operated by citizen volunteers.

Hachioji International Association Leaflet   八王子国際協会リーフレット2019

Support of communication in lives  生活・コミュニケーション支援

 Support Desk for foreigners   在住外国人のためのサポートデスク

  Support Desk for foreigners besides life consultation introduces specialist windows for legal, working, employment, education, child raising, medical services and provide living information ( free and strictly confidential ) open time: 10am -5pm except Sunday, National Holidays, end /beginning year (29th Dec-3rd Jan), building closed day

 Professional Consultation by specialist for foreigners      外国人のための無料専門家相談会

  We hold free consultation: Professional consultation by a lawyer and Professional consultation by an administrative scrivener with interpreter volunteers.  

Professional consultation by a lawyer 2021-2022  –  10/16,  12/18,  3/19 click for details

Professional consultation by an administrative scrivener 2021-2022 – 9/25, 10/23, 11/27, 12/25, 1/22, 2/26, 3/26

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Language Volunteer    語学ボランティア

   We arrange interpreters for [Support desk], [Individual consultation by CAPS ( Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist ) for foreigners], [Free Consultation by Specialist for foreigners] and translation for various cases . We also arrange translation of Ginkgo, information guide by Hachioji City for foreigners in Hachioji.

Medical Volunteer    医療ボランティア

  We arrange interpreter volunteer activities for examination at medical organization. We also support foreign citizens to take safe medical examination in cooperation with model hospitals.  Click for details

Japanese Language Volunteer Training Course   日本語ボランティア養成講座

  Japanese language is the basis of living for foreign citizens. Establishment of the Training Course will support Japanese people to learn knowledge and skill to act as learning supporters.

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Learning Support  学習支援

  We will host [ High School Entrance Guidance] in multi-language for the students and parents whose mother languages are not Japanese.

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 Against disaster prevention and disaster   防災・災害対応

  Considering proposal by the 3rd term Foreign Citizen Conference, we established Project Committee against Disaster Prevention and Disaster and are trying to make a concrete scheme to support foreigners at the time of disaster.

 Support for International Exchange and Cooperation activities  国際交流

 International Festival   国際交流フェスティバル

   We hold the festival under auspices of Hachioji Students Committee, JICA and Hachioji city aiming at opening to citizens chances to contact foreign and Japanese cultures and to understand multicultural society with enjoyment through events, exhibition, lecture, workshops etc.

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Sekai no Hitoto Fureai Time  世界の人とふれあいタイム

   We promote communication and international understanding for Japanese citizens by inviting foreign guests who introduce their own countries by speech and films.

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International communication in local communities  地域における国際交流

 We do international communication including dietary education by arranging booth at festivals In order to promote communication between foreign citizens and general citizens in local communities.

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 Promotion of International Awareness  国際理解

 International Awareness Education  国際理解教育

   We proceed class lessons in schools by foreign lecturers in considering international awareness education for children in cooperation with schools, local communities and foreign lecturers. We are now studying how international awareness of education should be.

Publicity  広 報

 Publicity  広 報

   We promote public relations cooperating with foreign citizens’ community, town council・ residents’ association etc. so that foreign citizens and Japanese citizens can recognize our association better. click for details

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